Professional Learning

Full and half day professional learning workshops are designed to enrich your curriculum and enhance your students’ active engagement throughout the academic school year.  We collaborate with industry professionals to ensure facilitation steeped in real world experience.

Areas of professional learning include:

  • Podcast Production
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Intensives
  • Animation Basics


One-on-one coaching is available to assess your equipment needs, and assist with classroom studio buildout and use.


Embrace The Mess

Social emotional learning and culture building, including curriculum and training to facilitate healthy student interaction and teacher-student rapport. Our exercises build trust, community, and break down barriers between teachers and students. Listen to our podcast here.

DIY – Tutorial Videos (90 min. to 3 hrs.)

Learn how to create, film, and share customized lessons and tutorials for student reference. A valuable, time-saving resource that allows teachers to differentiate instruction.

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Focus on the Future

Focus on the Future is an introductory workshop that explores career possibilities in film and media, readily accessible resources and opportunities for students to get started on their respective filmmaker or media professional journeys.

FOF Objectives:

  • Classify roles from pre to post production across interests
  • Identify specific responsibilities for a select few roles
  • Summarize steps towards getting started on the path towards success

Field Trips and Tours

We partner with studios and facilities in the Atlanta area to facilitate full-day excursions for students to visit and meet film and media industry professionals. On-site tours will be guided with RE:IMAGINE team and studio personnel.  Booking, coordination, and activities at the studio are curated by RE:IMAGINE.

**Transportation &  lunch provided by school.

Companies we’ve partnered with:

  • Black Hall
  • Third Rail Studios
  • Adult Swim
  • Trilith
  • PropSource
  • Trade School Studio

Production Workshops

Local filmmakers and media creatives offer industry insights and hands-on lessons, in person or virtually.  Workshops are tailored to a particular area of interest, providing content that contributes to student portfolios, resumes, and morale. Classes vary in length, ranging from a 60-minute introductory session to 3-hour intensives.

Workshop Packages

Writing and Story

  • Story ideation
  • Screenwriting
  • Storyboarding

Directing and Camera

  • Directing
  • Cinematography
  • Scene Study

Lighting and Sound

  • Lighting
  • Sound/Foley
  • Podcast

Digital Media

  • Illustration
  • Photography
  • Animation

Post Production

  • Editing

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