Now Booking Trainings for 2022

re:imagine/ATL’s hands-on virtual workshops are designed to meet the needs of both teachers and students. We offer live professional learning and production workshops with students to enhance your curriculum and keep your students engaged throughout the year.

Professional Learning - FOR TEACHERS

Curating Your Virtual Classroom – Lesson begins with a brief discussion to hear and understand the teacher’s needs. We will demonstrate software and tools to engage your students (i.e. virtual whiteboard, multi-camera set-up, adding lower thirds or graphics to your live lessons). (90 min to 3 hrs)

  • Includes technology recommendations for students and teachers based on budget to help bring virtual teaching to the next level. 

  • Additional follow-up is available to help customize and set-up your system based on discipline (i.e. set-up and tools for the performing arts department is specific for collaborative virtual concert, science or social studies departments specific to graphic tools…)


DIY – Recording Your Own Tutorial Videos – Learn how to develop, film, and post your own lessons and tutorials for students to reference overtime. This is a vital time-saving tool for teachers to use instead of going over the same information in small groups multiple times, it also helps customize the learning for experience for students with different levels of experience. (90 min to 3 hrs)

  • Virtual Culture-building – Social emotional learning and wellness support with curriculum and training to help students open up, get to know each other and teachers. Our exercises  build trust and community amongst students and break down barriers teachers might be experiencing with a new group of students. (90 min to 3 hrs)

  •  Continued Learning – Our trained Teaching Artists can continue to support and troubleshoot with you as you set up your classroom and try new technology. (Hourly)

Virtual Production Workshops - FOR STUDENTS

  • Experienced local filmmakers and creatives share industry insights and hands-on lessons with students via virtual platform. Specific workshops can be developed to best suit your needs. Content created during the workshop can be used to help build a student’s portfolio, resume, and morale! Having special guests throughout the semester provides planning time and support for the teacher and engaging and different experience for the student.

  • Curriculum Options: DIY Filmmaking from Home, Green Screen Challenge, Foley & Sound Design, Photography, Animation, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and Documentary Filmmaking

  • Classes range from a 60 min. introductory session to 3 hr. Workshop

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY – ATL Film Festival, Creative Conference Discounted Tickets – ONE WEEK of interactive programming
re:imagine/ATL and The Atlanta Film Society have partnered this fall to bring students (ages 13-24) discounted tickets to the Atlanta Film Festival’s Creative Conference. Instead of $200 a ticket, it’s only $20 per student through this partnership so students can participate in virtual roundtables and interact with filmmakers from around the globe. 

Cost is dependent on service and scope of work. Complete this preliminary survey for a quote.