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As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we shine a spotlight on the incredible journey of TyKaia Riley, a talented Writer/Director who has thrived with support from RE:IMAGINE, with training and work opportunities, and mentorship. TyKaia’s story shows the transformative power of apprenticeship programs, and the impact they can have on the next generation of filmmakers.

TyKaia’s Beginnings with RE:IMAGINE:

TyKaia’s journey with RE:IMAGINE began during high school when they applied for the No Comment Film Fellowship. This program provided TyKaia with the opportunity to collaborate with fellow students, resulting in the creation of a powerful short film and a documentary titled “…Or Forever Hold Your Peace.” This early experience set the stage for TyKaia’s future in filmmaking.

Emerge Apprenticeship Program Success:
After graduating high school, TyKaia pursued their passion by joining RE:IMAGINE’s Emerge Apprenticeship Program. Over the course of a year, TyKaia worked closely with experienced staff and mentors, immersing themselves in the world of media production and refining their skills as a writer. During this time, TyKaia wrote and directed the impactful short film, “My Friend, Jeane,” which garnered recognition and acceptance into multiple film festivals nationwide.

Paid Work Experience as part of NBC Universal’s Creative Impact Lab:
TyKaia’s talent did not go unnoticed, as they were contracted by RE:IMAGINE’s employment social enterprise, RE:IMAGINE/Productions to collaborate with Writer/Director Ebony Blanding with RE:IMAGINE’s team on various projects as part of NBC Universal’s Creative Impact Lab. The work produced by TyKaia for other nonprofits was broadcast on Comcast networks nationwide, showcasing the breadth of their impact on a larger scale. You can see some of the projects for NBC Universal’s Creative Impact lab here.

Accolades and Recognition:
TyKaia’s dedication and achievements were celebrated with the “Triumph Award” at RE:IMAGINE’s annual Dreamfest awards night. Additionally, they were featured as a panelist at Microsoft during a screening event for “No Ceilings,” a documentary produced by RE:IMAGINE. These accolades highlight TyKaia’s growing influence in the film industry.

Joining the RE:IMAGINE Team:

This fall, TyKaia took on a new role within the RE:IMAGINE team, joining the communications department. Supported in part through Worksource Cobb, TyKaia has become an invaluable asset to the team, contributing their skills and passion for writing to the organization’s success.

“RE:IMAGINE has given me the resources to pursue my film aspirations tangibly while also reminding me the possibilities for success are endless. I would not be nearly as far as I am without RE:IMAGINE” – Tykaia Riley

TyKaia Riley’s story is an example of the transformative power of apprenticeship programs, and during National Apprenticeship Week, we celebrate not only TyKaia’s success but also RE:IMAGINE’s commitment to nurturing and empowering the next generation of representative filmmakers. TyKaia’s journey is an inspiration to aspiring writers and directors, reminding us all that with the right support and opportunities, the possibilities for success are indeed endless.

Connect with TyKaia:

For those interested in TyKaia’s work or potential collaborations, they can be reached at TyKaia is particularly interested in writing and directing narrative and commercial projects, showcasing their commitment to creating meaningful and impactful content. You can also see a recent interview with TyKaia on Atlanta News First.