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Professional Learning



Full and half-day workshops designed to enrich your curriculum and enhance your students’ active engagement with topics including podcast production, Adobe Premiere, animation basics, equipment training, studio buildouts, and curriculum development.

Summer Program


The No Comment Fellowship is an intensive filmmaking program aimed at amplifying youth voices. Founded in 2016, NoCo equips young talents (ages 16-24) with the skills to craft and convey the stories that matter most to them as they collaborate to produce high-quality media content. 

Our program empowers students to learn the art of writing, producing, and pitching their films, instilling confidence in their craft and providing a valuable film sample for college applications or career pursuits. Since its inception, 90 NoCo students have gone on to attend prestigious film schools and embark on careers within the creative industry.

What to Expect:

  • Earn industry-recognized digital badges
  • Receive mentorship from industry professionals
  • Engage with a crew of fellow passionate student filmmakers 
  • Learn all aspects of the filmmaking process through hands-on training
  • Collaborate to develop, film, and produce a festival-worthy film 

This program is made possible by:


Applications have now closed for the 2024 summer cohort.

No Comment Testimonials



EMERGE is a 1-year apprenticeship program offering comprehensive job training to youth and young adults who are not currently enrolled in full-time college programs and to those facing underemployment or unemployment. Our program provides young adults with the networks and tools to secure sustainable employment opportunities.

  • Build a professional portfolio
  • Earn an industry-recognized certification
  • Receive mentorship from industry professionals
  • Collaborate with passionate peers
  • Gain practical, client-focused work experience through paid on-the-job training
  • Networking and career development events

Current Apprenticeship Opportunities:

  • Social Media Management
  • Sound Design
  • Post-Production

Accepting applications for a 1-year apprenticeship with RE:IMAGINE

Focus on the Future



A 90-minute introductory workshop exploring career possibilities in film and media with readily accessible resources for students and teachers. This live-virtual workshop classifies roles from pre to post production, identifies specific responsibilities, and summarizes steps for getting started as a filmmaker or media professional.

Mock Sets



Local filmmakers and media creatives offer industry insights and hands-on lessons in an environment that mimics the intricate workflow of a day on set. Content created during these full or half-day workshops contributes to student portfolios, resumes, and morale. This workshop aligns with National Core Arts Standards.

Field Trips & Tours



We partner with studios and facilities in Atlanta to facilitate full-day excursions for students to meet film and media professionals. Our field trip partners include: Black Hall, REMEDY, Third Rail Studios, Electric Owl Studio, Adult Swim, Trilith, PropSource, Trade School Studio, and more.

Embrace the Mess


Through our socio-emotional storytelling curriculum, our learning exercises build trust, community, break down barriers between teachers and students. This is a week-long intensive, often offered as a summer camp option, or over the course of a semester where participants learn to re-imagine themselves as a character and understand their reality through a logline. 


Additional Programs & Resources

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