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“RE:IMAGINE has not only given me some of the skills and resources I need to reach the next level, but I’m more confident in myself and my abilities as a filmmaker, photographer, and artist.” – Jeshua Williams

Growing up in West Virginia, Jeshua Williams didn’t see many pursuing a career in film. The lack of opportunities there led him to make the move to Georgia, where the discovery of RE:IMAGINE sparked an inspiring vision for his future.

RE:IMAGINE provided Jeshua with valuable opportunities to work on diverse projects, enhancing his resume and allowing him to collaborate with renowned companies like NBC Universal and Teach For America. Every time he steps on set, he learns and grows, surrounded by a supportive community that encourages his success. The mentorship received, whether in learning equipment usage or receiving words of encouragement, has been instrumental in his journey. Jeshua has served as a grip on several film projects, contributing his skills to the technical aspects of production. He’s currently working on issue two of his ‘Bussup Magazine’. Issue one is available here.

Guided by the advice received through RE:IMAGINE, Jeshua successfully applies those insights to his photography business. Specializing in fashion, event, and editorial photography, he welcomes inquiries at Jeshua is not just building a career; he’s crafting a path of success.

The photo of Jeshua was taken by apprentice, Shane Hall, in New York City earlier this year when Jesh and a group of apprentices and professionals were contracted to film a PSA on a NYC-based non-profit as part of NBC Universal’s Creative Impact Lab. 

Blog was written by Apprentice, TyKaia Riley.