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RE:IMAGINE’s No Comment Fellowship Program stands as a testament to empowering young, budding filmmakers. This six-month intensive documentary filmmaking initiative caters to students aged 16-19, equipping them with the comprehensive skills needed to write, produce, and pitch their cinematic narratives. Initiated in 2016, the program was born from the earnest voices of motivated students expressing frustration over the absence of authentic and high-quality media content tailored for their age group.

The hallmark of the No Comment Film Fellowship (NoCo) is its holistic approach to developing young talent. At the heart of this fellowship is an impassioned drive to enable students to express themselves through the visual medium. Under the guidance of seasoned professionals and mentors, these young filmmakers actively engage in the production of their own documentaries, learning the ropes from development to post-production.

One of the program’s highlights is the collaborative environment it fosters, allowing students to create festival-worthy films alongside a crew of passionate peers. The journey extends beyond technical training, nurturing a spirit of camaraderie and teamwork that defines the RE:IMAGINE community. This year, apprentices directed documentaries ranging from stories about #FreeArtFriday to the Centennial Olympics.  “It was my first time making a documentary, and I thought I wouldn’t like it. However, after No Comment it’s safe to say that documentary filmmaking is my favorite out of all the various ways to craft a film.” – Nora Barksdale, ‘Centennial’ director. These films were screened at the end of the program at RE:IMAGINE’s Dreamfest event, showcasing Gen Z talent and Atlanta’s most influential creatives. This platform not only highlighted the exceptional work of the students but also emphasized the diverse storytelling methods covered in the curriculum.

The impact of the No Comment Fellowship Program extends well beyond its duration. Over the years, more than 90 students have successfully completed the fellowship, many of whom have gone on to attend prestigious film schools and carve out careers within the creative media industry. This initiative has been made possible by the generous support of The Fulton County Arts Council and the Fulton County Department of Arts & Culture, reinforcing the community’s commitment to fostering young talent in the vibrant city of Atlanta.

Through NoCo, RE:IMAGINE is not merely teaching filmmaking; it’s nurturing a generation of storytellers, empowering them to voice their narratives with confidence, creativity, and authenticity. Applications for the 2024 cohort will begin in early spring for the Summer 2024 cohort. 


RE:IMAGINE is dedicated to equipping the next generation of content creators in Atlanta. Since its inception in 2014, RE:IMAGINE has connected students through both in-school and out-of-school programming, all designed to nurture creative storytelling skills through film and digital media production. To learn more about RE:IMAGINE and join their mission, please visit