re:imagine/ATL trains, equips, and inspires Generation Z (ages 11 - 24) to build careers in the creative and digital media industries

Exposure. Training. Placement

Our Mission

We exist to equip the next generation of global storytellers by providing career exposure, training and placement.

Our Story

re:imagine/ATL was founded in 2014 by Susanna Spiccia. Her initial vision was to bring together youth from different backgrounds and provide them with an opportunity to learn from each other through the art of storytelling. Over time, the organization’s vision, programs, and impact have expanded to include a commitment to providing youth with educational opportunities that build their real-world skill sets, both technical and soft, to prepare them for careers in the entertainment and media industries. 

Students served since 2014
teachers trained
schools impacted

Our Impact

Since 2014, re:imagine/ATL has invested in more than 5,000 youth from over 45 schools, and trained over 500 Audio/Visual teachers throughout Greater Atlanta- in partnership with the local media industry.

Our Partners

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