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We provide high-quality deliverables AND meaningful on-the-job training for youth facing barriers to employment. We offer two thoughtfully crafted options to meet the needs of varying budget sizes while staying true to our commitment of nurturing the next generation of storytellers.

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Impact Videos

Original visual storytelling to screen during events and fundraisers to communicate your mission and share your community impact. We create documentaries, commercials, PSA’s and other types of impact videos.

Professional-led Services

We pair participants in our training programs with seasoned professionals who guide their work onset as they gain hands-on experience. Each professional acts as the lead role and mentor onset with an apprentice mirroring in the same role. This option includes a larger crew allowing for the production of high-quality content with a strong emphasis on training and mentorship. We suggest this option for more in depth or customized projects.

Student-led Services

We hand pick a team of our accomplished alumni to lead the project with the oversight of a professional producer or a few key positions. This option directly contributes to the growth of aspiring filmmakers providing opportunities to refine their craft while meeting client expectations.

Event Photography

Visual assets suitable for promotion on both traditional and digital platforms.

Event Videography

Sizzle or recap videos for sharing gratitude with attendees and adding value for donors; Branded sponsorship videos to highlight corporate engagement; On-camera interviews and testimonials; Tailored for large-scale public viewing or social media.

Onsite Activation

Engage your audience with interactive photography or video booths, bolster brand recognition through interactive campaigns, utilize hands-on digital storytelling tools, and embrace hands-on visual art activations.

Social Media

Our talented students create original content that resonates with your target audience and effectively communicates your message.

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You can show your support by sponsoring a student, a program, or a student event. Your support ensures that our young creative have the resources, training, and experience they need to change the world.

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Hire Students

To help facilitate placements with our network of employer partners, we highlight students who have excelled in RE:IMAGINE programming and are ready to take the next step as well as our alumni. Each student is featured under their strongest area of skill showcasing their portfolio of work.

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