Take a Deep Dive with Adult Swim: A Behind the Scenes Look at How an Animation Project Goes from Paper to Screen "Lunch Club" Conversation

Students ages 11-24 are invited to join us for a virtual session with two executives from Adult Swim. Danya Levine and Matt Foster will share how to pitch a show for a pilot and what it takes to produce an animation series. 
This is an opportunity to connect with other emerging filmmakers and learn more about day to day work at Adult Swim,  career opportunities and on-ramps in production. 
Friday. Feb. 4, 2022, 12-1pm EST 
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Watch these advance of the discussion:



Matt’s pilot Adult Swim- MACBETH WITH DINOSAURS (11 min) explicit language

This pilot will be an example of how to think about the creative side of production. During the “deep dive” Danya and Matt will show the different stages of the animation process like character design, storyboards, animatics, radio plays, and more. 


More information about our guests:

Danya Levine,  Director, Production at Adult Swim



Danya Levine is an award-winning writer, producer, collaborator, and creative with successful experience in content creation, digital live streaming, film/TV production, and animation. Wearer of many hats and bearer of a long, varied resume, she has collected vast amounts of useless knowledge that makes her a most wanted teammate on trivia nights and a “Class A” hairbrush singer for hits from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. She considers herself a film and television history aficionado who learned everything from Saturdays with Sid & Marty Kroft and Sesame Street. She’s got more rhymes than Phyllis Diller.


Matt Foster, Producer at Adult Swim


Memorable Projects: Too Many Cooks, I guess. They’re all memorable to me.

Matt Foster is a multi-talented comic genius, renaissance man, and certified giraffe tamer/rider created in a moonshine brewing experiment gone awry in the foothills of Appalachia. He spent nearly a century wandering country roads and performing elaborate, multi-act puppet dramedies to the disdain of locals before being offered a residency at Adult Swim.


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