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“RE:IMAGINE has just been a great learning opportunity.” – Isaiah Robinson 

Isaiah, amidst a gap year between college, applied to RE:IMAGINE’s EMERGE Apprenticeship, seeking continuous learning and skill-building with real-world experiences. The expertise he gained not only contributed to jobs but also empowered him in teaching roles, shaping a portfolio that evolved as he gained new experiences in connection with RE:IMAGINE.

Black Women Animates (BWA) Studio 

Isaiah’s paid work experience with BWA Studios for logo development marked a significant milestone in his journey. This freelance graphic design experience expanded into his first contracted job with an established company, where creative freedom merged with insightful guidance. Throughout the process, Isaiah received consistent support, nurturing creativity and ensuring successful project outcomes. 

“BWA has seen the apprenticeship model in partnership with RE:IMAGINE strengthen the diverse junior talent we’re working with. Isaiah was a phenomenal collaborator. Over the course of the project, he received feedback well and elevated the work. We can’t wait to see how his career unfolds.” – Fatimah Abdullah, Head of Studio at BWA

Isaiah’s contribution was crafting a logo for the Responsible Technology Youth Power Fund, a philanthropic project advocating for an equitable tech ecosystem, supported by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s foundation. This opportunity wouldn’t have been possible without the network of partners like ASIFA-South and professional storytellers throughout the country who help train and coach RE:IMAGINE’s apprentices. 

Marisa Tontaveetong, Executive Director of ASIFA-South, is a training partner with RE:IMAGINE and is the Animation Director at BWA Studios. She helped make this apprenticeship opportunity come to fruition.

“Working with RE:IMAGINE, ASIFA-South has always been a pleasure assisting with training some of the talents we come through the Georgia Community and the perseverance of the early career folks, we see. In our referrals, we have consistently been thrilled with the satisfaction voiced by clients such as BWA Studio with Isaiah’s wonderful work. We have no doubt we’ll be seeing more amazing work coming out from the RE:IMAGINE program!” – Ginger Tontaveetong 

Invest Atlanta

Invest Atlanta contracted RE:IMAGINE/Productions to provide photography for their new website, highlighting one of their partners, Moving in the Spirit . The opportunity provided paid work to four photographers to provide a vibrant showcase of Atlanta’s dance studio and behind-the-scenes photography of the shoot itself. Apprentices were paid and worked with local photographer Shoccara Marcus for this on-the-job learning opportunity. Lighting nuances, an essential aspect mastered during the shoot, played a pivotal role in portraying emotions within diverse spaces. 

Isaiah’s Future Endeavors: For those interested in connecting with Isaiah or exploring collaboration opportunities, he can be reached at or through his website

Story by Apprentice TyKaia Riley

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