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Reimagine the Workforce

At the core of RE:IMAGINE lies a deep commitment to workforce development. This commitment drives us to offer Gen Z creatives invaluable exposure and educational pathways, leading to workforce opportunities in the film and media industry. Our programs, including the No Comment Film Fellowship, EMERGE Apprenticeship, and in-school Workshops, exemplify this dedication.


We provide exposure to Gen Z creatives through immersive workshops, industry events, and networking opportunities.


We offer comprehensive training programs to equip young talents with essential skills in the film and media industry. 


We facilitate job placements for through our workforce development pipeline, connecting emerging creatives with meaningful employment opportunities.


Our Impact

This year to date we've paid over $113,000 directly to apprentices for their work through our employment social enterprise. 

RE:IMAGINE's network of Employer Partners provides paid opportunities for RE:IMAGINE program participants and alumni. Email to learn more about becoming an Employer Partner. 

Since 2014, RE:IMAGINE has served over 5,000 students and continues to serve an average of 1,000 students annually. We prioritize & primarily work with youth who have barriers to employment.

RE:IMAGINE offers exposure trainings for students and professional development for educators in the Metro -Atlanta area and beyond. To see a full list of our partner schools click here.


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How You Can Get Involved

Beyond workforce development, RE:IMAGINE also provides collaborative opportunities for actual employment and peer networking. These services create space for creatives to provide real-world value to brands and build their skillset outside curriculum support.

Interns and volunteers help support our students and grow our community. We also provide special perks and future work opportunities for volunteers and interns.

Become an Employer Partner

Play a crucial role in nurturing a pool of highly skilled talent perfectly aligned with the ever-changing demands of your industry.

You’ll have the opportunity to partner with a cohort of rising stars, enriching your organization with enthusiastic and proficient media professionals.

Become a Volunteer

Generous donations of time and talent by people like you allows us to fulfill our mission.

We value our volunteers! We’ve worked hard to build a community that fosters growth and learning – both for our participants and you.

Hire re:imagine/PRODUCTIONS

Our apprentices are skilled & ready to work!

Hire our team of directors and top GenZ talent to produce original, high-quality content for your brand, organization, or non-profit.

Email to learn more.

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Our Portfolio

High-quality visual content amplifies your brand awareness and impact.

  • Reimagine what your marketing content could be. Our team can help you reach your audience with powerful visual storytelling. We have experience working with major brands such as AT&T, Piedmont Healthcare, schools, and national non-profit clients.

  • Contracting re:imagine/PRODUCTIONS for your marketing content or event also directly employs GenZ opportunity youth.

CNBC 30 second commercial for Cxmmunity

STE(A)M Truck commercial

MOCA mini doc


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